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Liteharbor Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED downlights, LED track lights, LED panel lights, LED strip lights, under cabinet lights, walls conces, LED ceiling...

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    New Village lndustry Area, Hecun, Hengjiang, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Liteharbor Lighting designs, engineers and manufactures an extensive range of LED luminaires for commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting projects. Since its incorporation in 2006, Lighting Technology has been providing value added OEM/ODM services for which the company has become a treasured asset to lighting contractors, retrofit companies, ESCOs, distributors and top lighting brands around the world. With the rapid technology shift toward solid state lighting, Liteharbor responds with extensive research and development programs to harness the power of emerging technologies. Liteharbor holds an unwavering commitment to turning customer's vision into forward thinking, high performing and economically sensible LED products.

Liteharbor's diversified product portfolio reflects the company's continuous focus on product development to match ever-changing market needs. Its flagship products include a comprehensive range of recessed and surface mount LED downlights such as new construction and remodel downlight housings, architectural downlights, commercial downlights, retractable downlights, multiple recessed downlights, flat panel LED downlights, trims and reflectors. Other popular products from Liteharbor include LED track lights, LED panel lights, LED strip lights, emergency exit lights, LED high bay lights, mirror lights, under cabinet lights, walls sconces, LED ceiling lights, and LED pendant lights, etc. Designed to combine top performance, energy efficiency and failsafe reliability with refined aesthetics, Liteharbor's LED luminaires offer both form, function and technology in sophisticated lighting systems.

For over a decade high profile customers in the North American market rely on Liteharbor's unique to meet project design objectives, budgets, and schedules. The entire value-added chain of complex development process is performed in-house. Liteharbor has a wealth of expertise and experience in virtually all facets of solid state technology ranging from thermal modeling, electrical engineering, optical design, and mechanical engineering to system integration. With a passion for great design and a drive for technical perfection, Liteharbor's contractor-friendly lighting solutions add unmatched value throughout the product lifecycle while accelerating time to market.

Through dedication to value added design, engineering and manufacturing, Liteharbor has grown to become a global front runner. Operating out of an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, 16,000 square meter facility, Liteharbor is vertically integrated with precision tooling, die casting, system engineering, lean manufacturing and integrated testing capabilities. Today, Liteharbor is a recognized name in the North American OEM/ODM market for its superior quality products, competitive prices, fast turnaround times and professional market certification services.
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